Jr. Beta Club

Witt Elementary School sponsors a Beta Club for 5th grade students who meet eligibility requirements. Membership is open to any student who maintains A’s and B’s on each grade card, excluding handwriting. Grades will be checked each six weeks to determine active membership. A student may be placed on probation from the club if he/she does not meet the academic requirements. If the grades do not return to honor roll status after the second grading period, then a student may be suspended from the club. We will follow the national guidelines for accommodations under the IDEA (Individuals with Disability Education Act), in the event a student meets the grade requirement with special needs.  Junior Beta Club dues are $15.00.

Character is also an integral part of the Beta Club. Infractions may result in probation or suspension from the club. Each club member will receive a form to sign acknowledging that he/she understands the grading and discipline requirements.

Each student is responsible for paying $15.00 national dues at the time of invitation to join the Beta Club.